last one…

Today is the last day of my internship here at Gloo.

Well, that was a quick 3 weeks. On the other hand, it feels like I’ve been here for ages. I played receptionist again a few times, but for the last few days I’ve been working on asset creation for Allan Gray’s ‘Investing Explained’ videos. (They’re actually pretty cool.) So far, I’ve modelled a desk, a binder, a pencil, a glass building, a supermarket (with rigged sliding doors :P), a magnifying glass and a platform (I shouldn’t really count that last one; it’s a glorified cube).
The style of it all is very simple and iconic, but I had fun. :)

I guess my holiday starts tomorrow. Woohoo! I can’t wait to start working next year, though. One of my former lecturers (former because I am no longer his student, but also because this was his last year lecturing at City Varsity) and our former Head of Department (she’s leaving too) are starting up a game company in Somerset West. The way things look now, it seems I’ll be joining them in that next year. (Never did I think I would work in the game industry; oh, the irony…)

Of course, I’ll still be staying in Cape Town for another year and will therefore have to take the train everyday.

All part of growing up, I guess. :]

what a day

I got to do my first bit of 3D work today. :D Oh, Maya, how I’ve missed you…

It was pretty quick, though. Just had to make some shoelaces for the Puma project Gloo is working on. (Am I allowed to say that? Gosh, I hope so…) But it was fun. Curves are so helpful. :) Just after 4, there was a bunch of announcements (and champaign). We raised a glass to Madiba, said farewell (and keep well) to an intern, and gave a round of applause for the company’s 8th ‘Digital Agency of the Year’ award in a row.

And I was receptionist again for another hour and a half. :)

2nd Friday already?

It’s that time of the week again. Time flies when you’re having fun (or working hard, or both). :)

So, yesterday a bunch of people were off sick, which resulted in a few holes that needed to be filled. Consequently, I had to fill that intimidating post of ‘receptionist’ for 2 hours. (I almost can’t believe they would trust me with something like that; I still feel like such a child around all these grown up people.) I think I did alright - answered the phone, transferred calls, took messages, buzzed the door. I also helped a client find the building (although I didn’t know to tell her she can park in the building too) and signed for the toilet paper delivery. :P

People are showing up now; almost time to put my shoulder to the (mouse)wheel again…

in the office

It’s Wednesday already (let’s not even talk about the fact that it’s December) and it is my 5th day of being an intern.

It was a slow start, but things picked up with enthusiasm once they set up a computer with all the right bells and whistles. :P Right now, I’m between tasks, so I’m grabbing the time (and free internet) to give an update to anyone interested.

Happy surfing, all you people who are on holiday. :)

1st Friday-after-work

I have written my last exam - I am no longer a student. O.o

It’s Friday and for the first time in my life I have started my weekend by ‘coming home from the office’ - how grown up does that sound? I haven’t done much since officially starting my internship there (GLOO: yesterday, but that’s to be expected. Two little click-and-drag jobs and teaming up with another (3-weeks-and-counting) intern to make Angry Bird decor for a baby shower in the office today kept me happy enough. :)
Anyway, they’ve now got a computer set up for me and it will be running Maya on Monday. More work is coming… (As well as more popcorn, from their popcorn machine implemented every Tuesday and Thursday.)

I wonder if I still qualify for student discounts until the year runs out…