one more left

I have one last exam before I go from ‘student’ to, well, temporarily unemployed. :P

Although not officially employed (or paid) by anyone (‘cept for you, El; you and Tim keep me alive :]), I will nevertheless have my hands full. Of course there’s the internship until December 22. I’m also still working on the clubfoot project for the ‘Steps’ charity organisation. Other little things may or may not come along (and there’s my ‘online presence’ to keep up), so I guess the books next to my bed will have to wait some more…

Oh, well. Back to work.

work, work, work

It feels like there should be more of the month behind us than there is, but more before us, too.

I’ve gotten quite a bit of work done in the last week, which is probably why it feels like so much time has passed (you know what they say about time and having fun… :P). I’m pretty much done with my thesis; all that’s left is the sound. My showreel has been keeping me busy, but that’s just about sorted, too. Otherwise, I’m working on a model for an educational video about children born with club-feet.
My internship starts in 11 days, so I’ll have 9-hour work days keeping me busy. In less than a week, we have our first exam and in two weeks I will have officially finished 3 years of studying.

The time to be a real person is drawing near…

it’s November… o.O

Well, it’s November.

The year is almost over and those people who aren’t on the lookout for Christmas presents year-round are starting to panic. I am fortunate enough on that end, so my main concerns are just getting work done and remembering to keep my ‘online presence’ alive. I (finally) uploaded something into my gallery, so head on over there to have look. If you want.

That would be cool. :)

first post

The world is a big scary place, but we all have to jump into it sometime or another.

This first post, recorded here for as long as the internet cloud in the sky stays afloat, accompanies my dive into industry. In a month, my studies will be finished, I’ll be halfway through an unpaid internship at an ad company, and there will be a whole lot more decisions to be made about the future than there were 12 months before. Nonetheless, I am excited. If the road of life were one flat stretch, where would the surprises be?

My thesis animation will be done soon; then there will be something more to look at. :)